Permaculture Association of/du Canada

Permaculture Association of/du Canada

a registered non-profit corporation - une société enregistrée à but non lucratif

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"though the problems of the world are becoming increasingly complex the solutions are embarrassingly simple".

Bill Mollison

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The organization has three purposes:

1) Provide and support professional, technical and other services to the members at large and the Canadian public within the three ethics of Permaculture;

2) Provide and support education and appropriate learning opportunities for the members at large and the Canadian public in the developement and utilization of Permaculture and;

3) Support charitable programs and systems that further the function and utility of Permaculture in the lives of the Canadian individual, family, organizations and communities.


The Permaculture Association of Canada is a federally registered not for profit (though not a reg. charity) organization. Membership is open to the public.

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