Permaculture Association of/du Canada

Permaculture Association of/du Canada

a registered non-profit corporation - une société enregistrée à but non lucratif

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"though the problems of the world are becoming increasingly complex the solutions are embarrassingly simple".

Bill Mollison

* The term "permaculture" is attributed to Bill Mollison and David Holmgren - arising out of their experiences and work in 1970s and before. Both continue to influence the permaculture field and beyond. Many "elders" in the field have since contributed to a vast body of knowledge and practice world wide. Tremendous respect and credit goes to all those that have and continue to advance the work.


The Association is honored to be able to use an image designed by Martin Bridge ( as our logo. Thank you Martin.


Various images, files, and articles have been contributed by individuals from all over the world. Thank you all for sharing your energy, talents and skills.